• 13/12/2022

The Best Smartphone Camera You Can Choose

It’s been difficult for cellphone or smartphone manufacturers to create unique characteristics for their products recently. That’s why some brands try to make their best camera phones. Because every new phone looks the same and keeps up with, has and can do the same things. But when it comes to the best HP cameras, each brand has its own unique sensor and computational photography algorithm.

In the cellphone manufacturing industry, every day there will definitely be changes that are so fast, that’s why we also update this post in June 2022, where we try to provide as much updated data as possible to our readers. We also share bonus data on specifications that can help each reader to determine later when buying a cellphone.

This certainly provides advantages and disadvantages for each brand. Some cellphone brands have instagramable cameras in low light, while others excel in videos or taking selfies. When thinking about the points in choosing the best camera phone, here are some points to consider.

  • Photo processing that doesn’t make the image appear very manipulative
  • Lowlight performance
  • Easy to use camera application
  • Skill to get the shot you want the first time
  • Video quality
  • Overall phone quality

As well as for cellphones with the same features, we select cellphones with larger screens. A bigger screen isn’t just a better viewfinder.

Here are some of the best camera phones that you can choose for every extraordinary photo.

1. iPhone 13 Pro Max

Launched towards the end of 2021, the iPhone 13 Pro Max responded to all the rumors that arose earlier. This cellphone is equipped with a selfie camera with a resolution of 12MP (f/ 2.2) with a 3D sensor. Apart from that, there is also a cinematic mode feature, where this feature can record videos up to 1080p@30fps.

The front camera area can be used to record videos with HDR quality. It includes Dolby Vision up to 4K@60fps and 1080p@60fps. This will provide accurate photos and exposures on faces and clear details. Be it indoors or outdoors. Likewise with the white balance. On the other hand, this cellphone is also equipped with a 12MP sensor for all the rear cameras, with wide, telephoto and ultrawide sensors.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Meanwhile, Apple has looked into the app in recent years to make the pictures from its camera keep getting better. Samsung always relies on hardware strength to get optimal results from the best camera phones.

The camera system on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is no exception, thanks to a total of 5 lenses, which includes a 108-megapixel main camera. The result is one of the few cameras that can compete with the iPhone 12 in terms of sharpness, autofocus speed, detail, bokeh, low light and versatility. You can have this cellphone with the best camera from Samsung at Doran Gadget.

3. OnePlus 8 Pro

When you equate performance with price. You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better overall camera experience than what you have with the OnePlus 8 Pro.

It’s equipped with a pair of 48-megapixel sensors for the standard and ultrawide cameras, along with an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor and a 5-megapixel “color filter”. The OnePlus 8 Pro is easily the best camera phone around. Another advantage is that the cost is much cheaper than the previous smartphone.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

You don’t want to find more powerful features than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With a 108 megapixel camera sensor, 1/1.33 inch for the main camera and a couple of 12 megapixel sensors that power the telephoto and ultrawide cameras.

This hardware is equipped to handle anything you snap. Meanwhile, the same lens sensor is used in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has some autofocus issues. The automatic focusing system on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has actually fixed this problem.

But specs aren’t everything, and when it comes to the final result, photo processing. Samsung has always been a matter of individual preference. Samsung’s algorithms have traditionally created images that look a little more artificial, due to sharpness, washed out lighting and so on.

But some may prefer this brilliant display, or prefer to use a Samsung cellphone. If so, you might be happy with the performance of the Note 20 Ultra.

5.Google Pixel 5

Google was the industry’s first to show that you don’t need a capable camera sensor to create great images. Instead of relying on sophisticated application tricks to outperform competitors.

While other smartphone manufacturers are starting to catch up to Google in that regard, the Pixel 5 can still capture photos with any of the best smartphone cameras. While the Pixel 4 may share the same 12.2 megapixel sensor, it still offers a performance boost thanks to an ultra wide angle lens, a more powerful CPU which should make zooming images sharper.