• 11/10/2022

Easy Tips for Performing Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is an important process in business development because it is related to technology in the organization. Not only for technologically active companies, but also for the industrial sector. With the help of technology, the tasks that need to be completed become simpler. The services you provide to your customers will also be more optimal with the help of applications and software. Therefore, you need to implement effective ways of software maintenance.

Software Maintenance

1. Designing a Plan

Planning is an important step in keeping the work process running efficiently. When you start a new project, you need to plan how to develop, test, and maintain your software. Planning can improve the management of your development team. With a predetermined schedule, you can also monitor the time it takes to perform software maintenance.

2. Listening to Help Desk Feedback

The help desk is an important asset in software maintenance. They usually accept all the complaints and problems the users face. They know which app or part of the app is the most problematic. Identifying persistent application failures allows you to better address them. You can find the problem and make sure that the error is not repeated twice by the software developer.

3. Invest in Quality Assurance

Before the software goes live, there will be different stages of testing. Testing is done to avoid reporting problems, solving problems, and formulating solutions. End-to-end testing and UI testing are required for software, technical, and integration usage. Such testing is to ensure that you produce a quality product. Whenever you reset your device’s operating system during software development, always check the quality of your code. Having Quality Assurance at the development stages will guarantee quality and save on post-production software maintenance.

4. Maintenance Automation

As much as possible, automate anything related to the maintenance process. Examples are code review automation and production monitoring. This will save time and maintenance costs, thus adding value to your business. Automation leads to higher productivity as well as higher profitability. Teams will also be better prepared for change and won’t have to focus on areas that needed updating in the past. This allows you to respond to changing marketing needs quickly, without having to add a workforce.

5. Unnecessary System Elimination

Having a hereditary system that is no longer relevant in the organization is common. Therefore, you should consider replacing the old system with a new system. The software you use must function optimally when it comes to integrating the system with other software that is currently running. If you use the right system, you can shift your system maintenance budget to a new, better system. Like software maintenance, ERP systems also require maintenance.