• 20/08/2023

Dangers of Nulled Themes And Plugins

Maybe for some people the terms nulled theme and nulled plugin still feel foreign. However, this term must be known by WordPress users, both those who are just about to learn WordPress and those who have been in the WordPress world for a long time. Nulled themes and nulled plugins are not recommended, even better to avoid them. Because nulled themes and nulled plugins are pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins. Pirated themes and plugins will be widespread on the internet and can be used for free.

Maybe having pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins will look nice, but there are various consequences that you have to bear if you have used pirated themes and plugins. It could be that while you’re using it, you experience side effects from these pirated themes and plugins, so to fix the side effects you have to spend more money.

Here are some of the dangers posed if you are desperate to use the Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin.

1. Dangers for Website Security

Nulled themes and plugins may contain malware. Creators of pirated themes and plugins can spread malicious code into different files to disguise themselves so that they are difficult to detect and repair when a website is hacked.

As a result you lose important website data. What’s worse, your website can be removed from Google’s index which ends up with your website not appearing in search results.

2. Threatening Privacy

Not only can the website be exposed to hacker attacks, nulled themes and plugins have the potential to steal your privacy data. Everything from usernames, email addresses to passwords can be easily stolen through malicious code hiding in pirated theme files or plugins. If you have an online store site, your consumer privacy data can also be threatened.

The process of stealing privacy data is also difficult to detect because it seems as if the website can still run normally using these pirated WordPress themes and plugins.

Maybe using a pirated theme or WordPress can save you some money. However, if there has been theft of consumer privacy data, you may incur more costs to pay a fine as compensation and of course your website will have a bad reputation.

3. Not Respecting Developers

By using illegal software, you don’t appreciate the hard work of developers in coding for themes and plugins. The developers have devoted energy, time, money, and thought to be able to produce a work of the highest quality. By using nulled themes and plugins, you are indirectly killing the developers’ business.

4. Can’t Update

Usually WordPress themes and plugins will always release the latest version to fix bugs, add new features, and resolve security issues. And of course pirated WordPress themes and plugins cannot update because they are illegal software.

This causes your site to continue to use older versions of themes and plugins that are full of bugs and insecure. Meanwhile, you must regularly update to the latest version. Often themes and plugins need to be kept up-to-date with WordPress updates to keep them compatible or functional. Your site will experience errors if it can’t update themes and plugins.

5. Piracy is Illegal

Nulled themes and WordPress plugins are pirated software, so you’re indirectly using illegal software. If you are caught using illegal software, the consequences you have to bear are paying fines and compensation in the form of money to the developer as the owner of legal themes and plugins. Instead of paying fines and expensive compensation fees, you are better off using legal themes and plugins which are definitely cheaper.

6.Unable to Access New Features

If you use pirated themes and plugins, you will automatically not be able to access the new features available in these themes or plugins. Because when updating themes and plugins you will get the latest features. With these features can significantly improve site performance.

7. Bad Effects for SEO

Pirated themes and plugins can easily destroy your SEO quality, for example by redirecting visitors to dangerous sites or flooding your site with spam links. Because your website’s SEO is also being targeted by nulled themes and WordPress plugins.

If a search engine such as Google can easily detect link spam which can cause your site to be penalized or worse, it will be deleted from the Google search index (de-index), it is different from harmful activities like this because it is very unfortunate that it is difficult for site owners to detect because it’s neatly hidden in pirated theme files and plugins.

After knowing the dangers of using nulled themes and plugins, we hope you don’t dare to use them. Because when you use illegal themes or plugins, your site seems to be fine when in fact the pirated software is destroying your site. In addition, the use of nulled themes and plugins is definitely a violation of ethics. When you use illegal themes and plugins, not only you are harmed but also the developers. Developers may lose the income they should have earned as well as the copyright for their hard-earned work.

Instead of using nulled themes and plugins, it would be better to use free WordPress themes and plugins. Although it is not powerful because it is free, but you have taken good care of your website and appreciate the work of the developers.