• 20/08/2021

Dangers of Nulled Themes And Plugins

Maybe for some people the terms nulled theme and nulled plugin still feel foreign. However, this term must be known by WordPress users, both those who are just about to learn WordPress and those who have been in the WordPress world for a long time. Nulled themes and nulled plugins are not recommended, even better to avoid them. Because nulled themes and nulled plugins are pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins. Pirated themes and plugins will be widespread on the internet and can be used for free.

Maybe having pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins will look nice, but there are various consequences that you have to bear if you have used pirated themes and plugins. It could be that while you’re using it, you experience side effects from these pirated themes and plugins, so to fix the side effects you have to spend more money.

Here are some of the dangers posed if you are desperate to use the Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin.

1. Dangers for Website Security

Nulled themes and plugins may contain malware. Creators of pirated themes and plugins can spread malicious code into different files to disguise themselves so that they are difficult to detect and repair when a website is hacked.

As a result you lose important website data. What’s worse, your website can be removed from Google’s index which ends up with your website not appearing in search results.

2. Threatening Privacy

Not only can the website be exposed … Read More

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Getting to Know 1G to 5G Technology

Some of you may already know that now cellular network technology has reached the 5th generation or what is known as 5G. This network technology is also said to be able to deliver data speeds 20 times faster than the previous generation, namely 4G.

Several countries in North America, Europe and East Asia are already deploying 5G technology commercially. Indonesia itself has now tested the 5G network several times. In fact, the Ministry of Communication and Information at the end of 2020 confirmed that would be ready to adopt 5G technology in 2021.

However, before discussing 5G, it’s a good idea to get to know the journey of cellular network technology ranging from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, to 5G. Oh yeah, talking about the network technology mentioned earlier, do you know what the letter G stands for in 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G?

For those of you who don’t know, the letter G refers to the word “Generation”. Each generation has certain network standards that are adapted to the standards of the telephone network and cellular telephone system at that time. Instead of lingering, let’s just take a look at the following brief review!

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As the name implies, 1G is the first generation of mobile phone technology. This network technology was first launched by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 1979. Only later in 1984, 1G technology covered the entire territory of Japan and made it the first country … Read More

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Differences in 3 Types of Intel Core i7 Processors

Intel Core i7 9750H, Intel Core i7 10510U, and Intel Core i7 1065G7 are the Intel Core i7 processor lineup that are most often found on the market today, of course, these three processors also have their own focus and target users. For an example of performance in this content, we use the example on the HP brand. Before going any further, let’s start with the specifications first



These three processors have different names. Intel Core i7 9750H is called Coffee-lake, Intel Core i7 10510U is called Comet-lake, while the last one, Intel Core i7-1065G7 is called Ice-lake. Coffee-lake is the name for the 9th generation of Intel processors, while Comet-lake and Ice-lake are the names given to the 10th generation. Although both are the 10th generation, Comet-lake and Ice-lake have differences in IGP, base clockspeed , turbo boost speed, and its fabrication technology.

Power Consumption

Although both are Core i7, these three processors have different power consumption. On the i7 9750H, the TDP is 45W. Whereas on both 10th generation Intel processors, the TDP is 15W. To test how long these three processors can operate a laptop without a charger, we simulated it using PCMark 8 Home Conventional with Power Saving mode on, WiFi and backlit keyboard turned off and brightness set to the lowest.

The result is in accordance with the resulting TDP. The i7 9750H with a TDP of 45W can run the laptop in less time than the i7 10510U and 1065G7. Both 10th … Read More

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Physics, Science & Expertise, Books

physics technology

Unless the idea hatching in an inventor’s brain doesn’t conform to the laws of nature, its existence isn’t feasible. Physics is the science of matter and its motion, area-time and power. We can discover Physics because the spine for any daily life instance similar to an electric mild, electricity, the working of our car, wristwatch, cell phone, CD participant, radio, plasma TV set, laptop, and – the record goes on. Read attention-grabbing physics information and the newest physics research discoveries on SciTechDaily. Listed listed here are current physics information articles from sources like Harvard, MIT, Los Alamos, Rice University, Princeton, and Lawrence Berkeley. Physics news subjects embody Particle, Nuclear, and Quantum Physics, as well as Astrophysics, Biophysics, Heliophysics, Geophysics, and Quantum Computing.

The final goal is to demystify the workings of the universe. A physicist is someone who seeks to know the physical universe by investigating the connection between matter and vitality. Physicists examine forces like gravity, electrical energy, and magnetism to study why every thing from particles to planets move the way they do. Without the work of physicists, we would not have x-rays, lasers, gentle bulbs, microwaves, solar panels, televisions, airplanes, or computer systems.

Physics is a diverse discipline that lets you explore an enormous range of scientific phenomena. The information in the following sections might help you perceive the benefits that include studying physics and get you excited about the various profession possibilities that could be in your future. For the development and development of society, we’ve … Read More

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20 Artistic Gadgets For Photography Lovers

cool gadgets

We all have properly-used kitchen necessities, however there’s nothing like a cool kitchen gadget to make cooking enjoyable again. I crashed my Nexus5 onerous and with changing the display screen and the battery, I decided it was time for a brand new telephone. It’s display is big but the phone nonetheless matches in my packet securely. I had a Galaxy Note II that spent as much time on the floor as in my pocket that was a slightly massive phone, This one is just the right dimension for me. I had by no means had an unlocked telephone earlier than, so wasn’t positive if I would have technical challenges. The unlocked version has an Android OS tailored by LG, but no add-ons from my cell service, thank goodness! So it is cleaner and easier, and I nonetheless have the option to download apps from my provider (T-Mobile) if I choose to.

Car seat protector and backseat organizer – There is no denying that, regardless of how a lot we love them, youngsters are messy little monsters. Therefore, among the should-have devices for your new automobile is one thing to guard against such mishaps.

cool gadgets

Just drag it alongside the veg as if peeling to get completely julienned strips of vegetable goodness. For more inspiration, try our suggestions forfood and drink, homeware and devices, the most effective hampers, letterbox presents and our gift information for kids.

Best smart fridge freezerIf you’re a tech lover with deep pockets, this fridge freezer could also … Read More

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Several advantages of agricultural drones compared with aircraft spraying

Reduced risk of operators

The typical agricultural operation scenarios of helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts are in mountainous operations and large-scaled farmland operations. Mountainous operations require pilots to fly manually and constantly ascend and descend to ensure effective spraying. In large-scaled farmland operations, the aircraft needs to work at an altitude close to 5 m of the crop. In this process, many pilots cannot successfully level the aircraft after flying close to the ground, increasing the likelihood of a crash. A study from the United States National Transportation Safety Board found that in 2013 there were 78 agricultural aircraft accidents, of which nine were fatal, claiming the lives of 10 people.

Precision spraying operation

Small fixed wings and small helicopters used in agriculture have high flight speed and high flight altitude during spraying, which may lead to serious spray drift. The DJI Agras T10 and DJI Agras T30 can hover for a more targeted high-precision spraying, with lower operating altitude (usually 4.9 – 11.4 ft above the crop surface), slower flight speed (about 9 – 22 ft/s), and more dynamic control of sprinkler and flow velocity to prevent drift.

Mounting multi-spectral lens on the agricultural drone (Phantom 4 Multispectral) can recognize the collection and supervision of farmland operation information, generate agricultural prescription maps according to the growth of crops, and guide the operation of the Agras T10 and Agras T30. When spraying pesticides with the Agras T10 and Agras T30, it only aims at the plots that need to be sprayed, therefore it … Read More

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