• 21/05/2024

Getting to Know 1G to 5G Technology

Some of you may already know that now cellular network technology has reached the 5th generation or what is known as 5G. This network technology is also said to be able to deliver data speeds 20 times faster than the previous generation, namely 4G.

Several countries in North America, Europe and East Asia are already deploying 5G technology commercially. Indonesia itself has now tested the 5G network several times. In fact, the Ministry of Communication and Information at the end of 2020 confirmed that would be ready to adopt 5G technology in 2021.

However, before discussing 5G, it’s a good idea to get to know the journey of cellular network technology ranging from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, to 5G. Oh yeah, talking about the network technology mentioned earlier, do you know what the letter G stands for in 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G?

For those of you who don’t know, the letter G refers to the word “Generation”. Each generation has certain network standards that are adapted to the standards of the telephone network and cellular telephone system at that time. Instead of lingering, let’s just take a look at the following brief review!

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As the name implies, 1G is the first generation of mobile phone technology. This network technology was first launched by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in 1979. Only later in 1984, 1G technology covered the entire territory of Japan and made it the first country … Read More

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Differences in 3 Types of Intel Core i7 Processors

Intel Core i7 9750H, Intel Core i7 10510U, and Intel Core i7 1065G7 are the Intel Core i7 processor lineup that are most often found on the market today, of course, these three processors also have their own focus and target users. For an example of performance in this content, we use the example on the HP brand. Before going any further, let’s start with the specifications first



These three processors have different names. Intel Core i7 9750H is called Coffee-lake, Intel Core i7 10510U is called Comet-lake, while the last one, Intel Core i7-1065G7 is called Ice-lake. Coffee-lake is the name for the 9th generation of Intel processors, while Comet-lake and Ice-lake are the names given to the 10th generation. Although both are the 10th generation, Comet-lake and Ice-lake have differences in IGP, base clockspeed , turbo boost speed, and its fabrication technology.

Power Consumption

Although both are Core i7, these three processors have different power consumption. On the i7 9750H, the TDP is 45W. Whereas on both 10th generation Intel processors, the TDP is 15W. To test how long these three processors can operate a laptop without a charger, we simulated it using PCMark 8 Home Conventional with Power Saving mode on, WiFi and backlit keyboard turned off and brightness set to the lowest.

The result is in accordance with the resulting TDP. The i7 9750H with a TDP of 45W can run the laptop in less time than the i7 10510U and 1065G7. Both 10th … Read More

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Dangers of Nulled Themes And Plugins

Maybe for some people the terms nulled theme and nulled plugin still feel foreign. However, this term must be known by WordPress users, both those who are just about to learn WordPress and those who have been in the WordPress world for a long time. Nulled themes and nulled plugins are not recommended, even better to avoid them. Because nulled themes and nulled plugins are pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins. Pirated themes and plugins will be widespread on the internet and can be used for free.

Maybe having pirated versions of premium WordPress themes and plugins will look nice, but there are various consequences that you have to bear if you have used pirated themes and plugins. It could be that while you’re using it, you experience side effects from these pirated themes and plugins, so to fix the side effects you have to spend more money.

Here are some of the dangers posed if you are desperate to use the Nulled Theme and Nulled Plugin.

1. Dangers for Website Security

Nulled themes and plugins may contain malware. Creators of pirated themes and plugins can spread malicious code into different files to disguise themselves so that they are difficult to detect and repair when a website is hacked.

As a result you lose important website data. What’s worse, your website can be removed from Google’s index which ends up with your website not appearing in search results.

2. Threatening Privacy

Not only can the website be exposed … Read More

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Telecommunication Training Programs


Radio waves travel via an ideal vacuum just as easily as they journey by way of air, fog, clouds, or some other sort of fuel. Telecommunications in which a number of transmitters and a number of receivers have been designed to cooperate and to share the same bodily channel are called multiplex techniques. The sharing of physical channels using multiplexing often provides very massive reductions in costs. Multiplexed systems are specified by telecommunication networks, and the multiplexed alerts are switched at nodes via to the proper destination terminal receiver. Telecommunication is the transmission of information by varied kinds of technologies over wire, radio, optical or different electromagnetic techniques. It has its origin within the need of people for communication over a distance greater than that possible with the human voice, however with an analogous scale of expediency; thus, sluggish methods are excluded from the field. Computer and telephone networks inflict a huge impression on at present’s society.

Our offered telecom IT services let you use advance analytics and the reliable software program solutions to spice up your R& D accuracy for improved precision and companies. Multiple application platforms that allow your users to carry out their duties in a single go.

From letting you name John in Calgary to letting you make a withdraw at your pleasant ATM machine they management the move of data. But today’s difficult and expensive networks didn’t begin out huge and complicated however somewhat as a wire and two terminals again in 1844. From these … Read More

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How Modern Expertise Can Help Seniors

benefits modern technology

Technology can enhance the power of people particularly college students to discover the extensive world of data. No matter how aged you might be, if you have an internet connection and a tool to connect with it, you have a whole world to be taught. In addition, numerous well-known universities and faculties conduct on-line school rooms and tasks taking part college students all around the world.

benefits modern technology

Another great example of saving time is access to calculators, text paperwork, sheet paperwork, PowerPoint presentations, flowcharts and so on. Businesses and education facilities can use this kind of documents and information to supply workers or students with essential information. Many people love to use flowcharts and diagrams to clarify a sure course of or workflow.

Especially when it comes to the academic system, students and lecturers need to take further coaching to be able to hold with the most recent expertise. This ends in the difficulty of adaptation of the excessive-tech academic system. While speaking concerning the advantages and disadvantages of expertise in education, it is a should to debate the price-effectiveness of modern tech gadgets. Even there are lots of iPads and Laptops on the market; the bitter truth is that the majority of them are not affordable for regular or center-class individuals. Like that, expensive tech stuff is also intangible to the basic colleges. This leads to inequality in the academic system while the wealthy schools with larger funds have good school rooms with a lot of tech gadgets. It is … Read More

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Computer Programming & Internet Development

computer programming

Other websites such as Tiobe monitor and monitor 250 of the “hottest” languages. The same applies to programming languages – they each have their own set of rules. Programming languages fall each inside the spectrum of low-stage languages, corresponding to assembly, and high stage programming languages, similar to JavaScript. This object-oriented programming language is predicated on the idea of prototypes. It derives a few of its options from Smalltalk and some from the Self language.

The Slate design is meant at offering the programmers with an working system-like surroundings. It is an crucial computer programming language focused at scientific and engineering functions. Mainly intended to perform data processing, it additionally helps structured programming and recursion. It is an occasion-pushed programming language that’s packaged with an built-in development surroundings. Its graphical development features make it simple for newbies to study VB.

As you can see within the chart above, common purpose languages dominate the highest 10 most popular languages. Different programming languages are developed to satisfy different wants. This is demonstrated throughout the history of programming languages. Please check with this diagram by O’Reilly which maps out the history of programming languages from the Nineteen Fifties to 2004. There seems to be some debate on the total variety of programming languages on the internet. Some web sites similar to Wikipedia list roughly seven-hundred of “all notable” current and historical programming languages.

computer programming

Lastly, one in each 10 degrees awarded to college students in 2015 have been in know-how-associated fields. The institutions below … Read More

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